Honu – Day Two

My first Honu is almost finished. “Honu” Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle. I spent a good deal of yesterday working on the cutie. I’m pretty new at bead embroidery, so I don’t have a finished look in mind when I begin a piece.  Stitching the beads takes about 2/3s of the time.  The last 1/3 … More Honu – Day Two

Pursuing Honu

Honu is the Hawaiian word for the local Green Sea Turtle.  I believe, though I don’t actually speak Hawaiian, it is the word used generally for turtle. Honu, for the local, is one of the images we associate with the islands.  I especially love the petroglyphs of Hawaii.  In particular, I love the circular line … More Pursuing Honu


My beading journey was fostered by Pinterest.  I can’t really recall who told me about Pinterest, or how I started using it.  But before I knew it, I was pouring over boards and pinning myself. It is a great place for sharing ideas, and for learning “how-to”.  I travel around so much and don’t have … More Pinterest