About Me

I started my beading journey in India.

My husband and I travel there quite often.  Two years ago, my friend Shera taught me to macrame in his little shop on the Jogibara Road.  Shera is a bit of a sufi at heart, so amongst the “healing” aura of beads, mystical music and clouds of dubious smoke, I learned a new craft.  We used some sort of heavily waxed string that leaves your hands feeling super greasy.  He cut long cords of it and tied it around my waist and hooked the ends to a nail on his table.  In, out, over, under, pull the string through, etc.  I loved the repetitive nature of the craft.  I loved the intricacy, the uniformity and the rough hewn feel of the end product.

“My beading journey.”

My first piece was an adjustable necklace with a cabochon focal.  I was so proud of that first piece.  I wore it all of the time.  All the time that is until I was selling some of my goods at a fund raiser and one patron asked if she could buy it.  I had to say yes, since it WAS raising money for a great cause.

Since that first piece, I have made literally hundreds of macrame bracelets which I donated to raise money.  I’ve moved on from macrame to beading with a needle.  While I have fond memories of the hippy hemp macrame and my days in a smoky room (I am not new age, a hippy, nor a pot smoker, by the way), my true love is more refined and shimmery.  I love to bead with a needle and fishing line.  I love tiny tiny seed beads with silver filling.  I love how the tiny beads weave together into a larger graceful wrist piece or necklace.

I have donated most of what I have made to charity.  And I have gifted a lot of pieces to my friends.  I am getting to the point where I am sort of embarrassed to give anymore away because my friends have so many pieces already.  So, now it is time to sell.  Let’s see how that goes.  I hope I sell enough to keep my love for beading going!  More than that, I want to see people happy with what I have made.  That’s a nice feeling.