Rosary Wire Wrapping

Beading with a needle is my favorite technique in making jewelry.  That said, I have been on a break from beading with a needle of late.

I have been doing is wire wrapping Rosary style necklaces and I can’t seem to stop making them.  I’ve made nearly a dozen different ones.  I then asked some dear friends to “road test” them and give me feedback.  I like to know if the wire catches or kinks or anything that is annoying when you wear a necklace.  The next thing I know, they all want to buy them.  Wow.


img_5371This one is my favorite pieces.  I originally made it for myself, but when everyone loved the look of the rosary necklace, I listed it on my Etsy shop.  It’s made with blue agate, carnelian and a Swarovski crystal.

img_5361 Wow, this photo turned out really nice.  I’m getting used to the Camera+ ap.

Anyway, I love the colors in this piece.  I have already sold two in this color scheme.  I had better make more.

I know my pieces are pretty and well crafted, so that is a part of their appeal.  The other part, the price.  I try to price things gently.  I want my pieces to be worn.  I want to support my hobby.  I’m not looking to make a ton of money.  So, this type of necklace starts at $15.00.  My thinking is, the materials are not so expensive, it is the color combos and craftsmanship which make my pieces stand out.  Quality should be affordable.

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