Fix It – Finished

Okay, The Rose and Leather necklace has now been fixed.

Here is what it originally looked like with kinks:


Now, here it is fixed, no more kinks:


What I learned that the weight of the beads makes a difference in the appearance of the final product.  In the original, I used the crocheted string and beads, which had a nice lace like effect.  BUT, the seed beads were not heavy enough and the string would kink up.  So, I used the wire wrap technique to overcome that.

I made this necklace for myself, and will continue to wear it.  I am much happier with the overall look.

The crocheted bead string still captures my attention, so I will continue to explore ways to use this technique.  I have, in the past, made single string opera length necklaces with a small pendant at the bottom.  That has helped to keep the string from kinking.  I gave these necklaces to friends.  I will have to follow up with them to see how these long necklaces wore day-to-day.



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