Fix It – The Rose and Leather Necklace

Two years ago, when I was first learning about beading, I found a Czech glass piece that I just loved the color of.  It had turquoise and browns in it.  And then I found a little key charm, that I was also very fond of.

Back then, I was exploring how to work with wire.  I learned that you call the jump rings and clasps, etc. “findings”.   And I got hooked on using jump rings for just about everything.  I thought it was nifty to be able to make your necklace or bracelet come alive when something dangles from it.  Truth be known, I love jangly dangly jewelry.

Another technique I was fond of then, was making a string of beads by crocheting it beads and string together.  It has a lace effect.  IMG_5347

So, I pieced together a rose toned bead necklace with leather to match a gorgeous rose tunic I picked up in India.  (I think I got the tunic at Kilol in New Delhi N-Block market.)  I liked the way the leather and “lace” bead string looked together.  But, the actual wearing of the piece was not good.  IMG_5345

The beads were not heavy enough, so the string tends to kink up.  You can see that in the photo.  I tried handing the pendant part of the bead string, but it was too heavy and made the bead string look stretched out.  What to do?

The last few days I have been taking a break from bead embroidery and have been working on wire wrapping.  I have been reading the blog, Sally posted some fun wire wrapped things she made.  I was inspired, so tried my hand at it.  I haven’t made anything as technically advanced as she made, but I did my best.

IMG_5348IMG_5349Now I think I will take apart the rose and leather necklace and try my hand at wire wrapping the beads.  I am curious to see if i will like the drape of that better than the beaded crochet string for this piece.



5 thoughts on “Fix It – The Rose and Leather Necklace

  1. I love wire wrapping beads into a chain, they are just so elegant !! I love all the colors in your chains !! The purple bead hung from the chain with the purple beads is very pretty, but I really love them both !!

    So much to learn, and over time we find the things that we love and we can focus on !!!

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    1. That is right. I began with a whirl of trying to learn everything. And then am settling down to do what I really love. Bead embroidery is my passion, and I love to mix it up with the wire wrapping.


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