Off the Beading Path – Prepping for travel

Clive, my husband, and I are prepping for our next journey.

The hardest part of the planning, for me, is determining the exact dates.  Life is filled with so much happening.  I find it hard to commit to the exact dates.  My mom is older and could need me to rush home to help her at the drop of a hat.  Clive’s brother has health challenges which may need us to head over to his way in Ireland.  You get the picture.

For weeks, I play with the travel itinerary on United’s website looking for the best prices.  I fly United because we collect miles with them.  They were overpriced, not so long ago, but these days they offer really great prices to the detentions we head to.  United has a new President of operations and he seems to be fixing the issues with poor customer service and prices.

This week we nailed down the dates and I booked our flights.  The bonus is that we will be spending a lot of time in our favorite place in Southeast Asia, as well as traveling to Thailand.  God is so good.

We are planning to go to Thailand for a training session with Global Hope Network, God willing.  (Inshallah, as they say in Arabic).  There we will further delve into the understanding of working with the economically challenged.  The training is called Transformational Community Development.  I was able to attend some of the training which was held in Jordan earlier this year.  What I most loved about that the first round of training was learning how to see the economically challenged as not being poor only.  We need to view the community as having many resources already which God has provided, and we can work along side them to learn how to best utilize those resources.

As many of you know, Clive is a Bible teacher.  While we do not directly work with community development, we will be going to areas where there are is poverty and it is important for us to understand Global Hope’s outlook.  It will better help us to understand those we will be teaching Bible to.

For those who like to travel and are curious about how other’s do it –  I will keep you posted with our preparations.

I will be taking some beads and thread with me, so beading will pave the trail.



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