The Next Honu

Last week, after I completed the first honu pendant, I set to work on a new beaded rope necklace and a new honu pendant.  I was (am) very determined to keep the new honu plain.  Much harder said than done.  All beads have a little glitz to them, but I really find it hard to  restrain the impulse to add a little more shimmer by adding beads that catch my eye.  So far, I have been able to restrain myself.  So far.  I am almost done, so I think I can make it simple.

“Honu” Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle.



Early stitches…and then done.


Now to add the backing and edging.  Than this little cutie will be done.

Note:  It’s actually not that small.  It is 2-3/4″ square.  Then the edging is added, it will be nearly 3″ square.  I think  a slightly longer choker length will be best.  We’ll see.

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