Challenge – Monstera

This morning, Donna asked me to design a small pendant for her mom.  (If you know Gladys, don’t mention anything because I think the pendant is going to be a Christmas gift.)  Donna has the idea that a monstera leaf would be good.  Very Hawaiiana.  Hmm, thinks I?  I like green and haven’t really used it is many things.  So, I am up to the task.

First, research the leaf.  What shape do I like?


A simple template always a good guide.  I am fairly new to beaded embroidery, so its pretty important that I keep the detailing simple.  I generally use size 11/0 seed beads, which are pretty tiny, but when you are making something small that has lots of detail to outline, 11/0 really isn’t that small.  So, for me, keep the idea simple.  I like the image above because the monstera has holes in it. That said, while it does look pretty, it may be too complex for the first leaf I make.


This image is much simpler and it has shading.  Which leads to my second question after what shape, what colors do I use?  This is very helpful.

But do I like more color?


Wow, I really love the colors in this image.  Teal, light and dark.  Pink.  Green.  A bead with a blue iris sheen might be very nice in this…  Very nice.  This image could be a good guide for a second piece.

The monstera challenge is on.

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