Honu – Day Two

My first Honu is almost finished.

“Honu” Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle.

I spent a good deal of yesterday working on the cutie.
I’m pretty new at bead embroidery, so I don’t have a finished look in mind when I begin a piece.  Stitching the beads takes about 2/3s of the time.  The last 1/3 of the time is spent looking at the piece and pondering what to add or do next.

Today, I hope to finish the background, add the backing, edging and bail (the thing that lets it hang from a necklace) and be all pau.

“Pau” Hawaiian word meaning: finished, done, complete.

After that I will work on a necklace to hang it from.  I’m thinking black with white mixed in somehow.  Maybe a touch of silver too…


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