Pursuing Honu

Honu is the Hawaiian word for the local Green Sea Turtle.  I believe, though I don’t actually speak Hawaiian, it is the word used generally for turtle.

Honu, for the local, is one of the images we associate with the islands.  I especially love the petroglyphs of Hawaii.  In particular, I love the circular line of the Honu.  (The image above the title here.)  I discovered bead embroidery a few months ago, and since that time I have been working on how to translate the humble Honu into a beaded piece.

My first thoughts were, keep it simple.  Black Honu, white background.  But then I got started.

IMG_5258 (1)


It just so happened, yesterday I had some Swarovskis on my beading tray.  I had taken apart a broken bracelet Donna had given me and the crystals were just laying there.  I had a tube of black Delicas I wanted to use for the outline and the smokey color of the Swarovskis next to the black transported me.  Where did that combo take me?  Off into a world of color possibilities.  And so the humble Honu is being decked out into a ballroom of shine.



I’ll save the simple black and white for the next one…



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