Day One of Beading Maya

I have so much I want to tell you about beading:  Where to find what.  How to do this or that technique.  What works best.  What I am making.  What I am selling.  Where to find inspiration.  Oh so much to write!  So, I will keep it simple and start with what I love about beading.

My bead of choice is the humble seed bead.  Preferably made by Miyuki.  Their beads are uniform in shape and size.  This is terribly important for me when “beading with a needle”, which I love.  The resulting pieces made using this method and Miyuki beads have a smoother lay and a silky drape.

I could spend all day in one of the local bead shops here in Hawaii, looking at the various seed bead colors available.  I like to mix and match the colors in my shopping tray.  (Bead shops always have shopping trays to lay your precious goods in.)  I dream about what I will make with the color combination, debate with myself about whether I really need to make it or not and then decide that I do.

Then the real fun begins when I unpack my goodies at home.  I lay them out on my velour beading mat and set to work.  Creativity and craftsmanship can then abound for a happy hour, or so….


The image above features a design by Mortira vanPelt in Herringbone, with my own color combination.




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